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Rightlux brocure

Rightlux brocure

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For brighter nights...

Our Rightlux LED floodlights are made in two catagories, the BlueLine Series and GreenLine Series.

The BlueLine Series are IP67 rated and built for use in extreme enviroments. For the last three years, some 200-300 of our BlueLine serie floodlights have served on ships and trollers in the extream and harsh envirements of the North Atlantic seas. Even used as far north as at Station North, the closest inhabitat station to the North Pole, some 500 miles from the pole‘s center.

BlueLine Series – IP67

For extreme environment !

It´s actually no surprise that Rightlux floodlights are becoming the first choice for many companies in the fishing industry.
Some of the key patented features in the Rightlux production provide astonishing results.